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Do you follow the law of Integrity Policy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, we do. Please read through the GDPR policy and regulations under our Terms and Conditions page.

I think IOAKU is the world’s best jewellery and accessory brand and wants to work in the IOAKU Family, How do you do it?

That is exactly what we like to hear, we are constantly looking for new talents to join and boost our team, send an email to with the best possible pitch you can think of. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is IOAKU’s values and intention for it’s customers?

IOAKU wants to develop and create a look for dynamic people who want to achieve a complete self-esteem, assertiveness and a supernatural fashionable charisma.

It is a feminine and graceful, yet with very modern shapes that creates a strong individual look that is recognizable as powerful, adorable and desirable.

Can you explain the name?

The name of IOAKU – pronounced “I oak you”, was born from Fanny’s longing to create art whom people should wear. Her Swedish surname “Ek”, means ”oak” in English whereas the name was an obvious act to fulfill the desire.

How was IOAKU created?

The jewellery and accessory brand IOAKU was founded by the Swedish fashion and accessory designer, Fanny Ek, in 2012. Fanny’s desire of  developing art in combined medias of nature, statement and love is the driving force for the brand.

I want to cancel my order, How does it work?

You always have from the point of purchase the right to cancel an order bought online at WWW.IOAKU.COM until the order has been shipped out to you, for any reason and with no justification. Once your order has been shipped are you still eligible to cancel the order but it is important to inform us and the order value will be payed back excluding the shipping fee.

How does the shipment time frame look like?

Sweden Deliveries

IOAKU will handle your order within 24-48 h. The delivery time in Sweden is 2-4 business days. Exceptions may occur during high demand periods and during fair-trade shows where the delivery time will take 3-10 days.

International Deliveries

IOAKU offers WORLD WIDE shipment so you can buy your IOAKU jewelry and accessories from any part of the world. IOAKU will handle your order within 24-48 h. Delivery time is 3-10 business days depending on chosen delivery service and high demand periods. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will receive a completed order confirmation when your order has been packed and when the order has been dispatched will information on how to track your package be sent from DHL or UPS.

IOAKU AB is not responsible for any custom charges or local taxes due to international shipment. Familiarize yourself with your countries regulations, as payment of these duties may be necessary to release your order.

Which shipment rates do you offer?

Rates are as follows:

Shipments to Sweden 63 SEK (or the EUR/USD equivalent at the time of purchase)

All orders over 1000 SEK within Sweden are granted Free Shipment

Shipments to member states of the European Union are 149 SEK (or the EUR/USD equivalent at the time of purchase)

All orders over 1500 SEK within the EU are granted Free Shipment

Shipments to the rest of the world are 199 SEK (or the EUR/USD equivalent at the time of purchase).

All orders over 2000 SEK in the rest of the world are granted Free Shipment

How does the process from placed order to shipping out to customer work?

All orders are processed during business hours (Monday – Friday) and are usually dispatched within 1-10 business days from the time of purchase if no other information is given. Please make sure to fill up your mobile phone number when ordering to facilitate shipping updates from the freight company. Orders cannot be canceled after they have been dispatched from our warehouse. If a package is undeliverable, the customer will be held responsible for any return and original shipping charges. Please note that the cost of shipping and any additional expenses due to uncollected packages will be charged to the customer.

I want to collaborate with IOAKU, What should I do?

We love getting to know new IOAKU jewelry lovers. Please send an email to


I have a question regarding my order, How can I contact you?

Feel free to always contact us through our Contact Form on the website or write us an email to


I have a question regarding your brand, How can I contact you?

Yey, we will love to help you with any of your questions, just send us an email through our Contact Form here on the website or to our email

How do I know the size of each product?

There is a size chart on every product page and visual images to help you understand the size of the products. We recommend you to also take a look at our Instagram content where you can find various pictures of our customers that use our products.

IOAKU ORDER International

Wow, thank you for considering IOAKU for your next purchase. We will make sure to meet all of your inquires.

1. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email

2. You will receive a completed order confirmation when your order has been packed

3. When the order has been dispatched will information on how to track your package be sent from DHL or UPS.

Prices on all the products are shown in (NOK), (DKK), (EUR), (USD), including VAT (25%) and excluding shipping (also excluding any possible additional local sales taxes if you are ordering from a country outside of the European Union).

IOAKU ORDER Flagship Store

Since April 2019 did IOAKU open the doors the brand new concept and flagship store of IOAKU in the most prestigious and iconic mall of Stockholm, Sturegallerian. Find the location on Google Maps here.

This is the one and only store where you can find all our products as well as meet our IOAKU Team.

We love to meet you and we offer all customers free pick-up option on your purchases at

See you soon in Stockholm <3

How does it work when I place an order?

Wow, thank you for considering IOAKU for your next purchase. We will make sure to meet all of your inquires.

1. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email

2. You will receive a completed order confirmation when your order has been packed

3. When the order has been dispatched will information on how to track your package be sent from Postnord.

Prices on all the products are shown in Swedish kronor (SEK), Euro (EUR) and United States Dollars (USD), including VAT (25%) and excluding shipping (also excluding any possible additional local sales taxes if you are ordering from a country outside of the European Union).

What should I think about before I place an order?

If you have any special inquires, please make sure to write them down in the comment box of your order or write an email to us with your order number as soon as you can.

Which payment methods do you offer?

Payments are made through our payment provider Swish, Klarna, PayPal or Stripe. Accepted payment cards are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Eurocard and Maestro.

Please note that IOAKU AB is not responsible for any additional currency exchange- or local fees.


We are very honored to be a top pick brand for many big fashion houses, magazines, stylists, celebrities and influencers. We love to work with new people so if you wish to partner up with IOAKU.

Can I see your latest PR material?

Of course!

We call it our own IOAKU Wall of Fame

You can’t miss out on IOAKU’s Wall of Fame with all the latest PR images and marketing material for our brand.

Check out the IOAKU Wall of Fame here.

Which PR agency are you working with in Sweden?

We are currently working with STAR STUDIO PR in Sweden.

If you wish to work with us through STAR STUDIO,

Please contact us at or STAR STUDIO PR directly by visiting their website where you will find their contact details.

How do I contact you for PR inquiries?

Please contact us at and we will make sure to answer your shortly.

Where can I get pictures of your products?

We have an online picture bank for all our collaborations and retailers. Please contact us at to get access to the picture bank.

Which products do you offer?












It is important to me that when I buy something that it makes a difference in this world. Do you offer any products supports to charity?

Yes, IOAKU supports charity through THE DREAM PROJECT BRACELET that is available exclusively on our website for our IOAKU customers, where the whole profit goes to charity. DPB works with different projects to make the world a little better place for the very smallest. DPB supports kindergartens in many different places around the world. Giving children a home, attention and love is sometimes the very best thing to do. But in order to have a sustainable development, DPB also helps with education and therefore do they focus on schools in particular. All bracelets will help this organization to realize a dream for many young souls of building schools in India. Find out more on their website


Eco Friendly Production and Process, What does that mean?

We strive to actively reduce our environmental impact. Through continual improvements to our manufacturing process, we ensure that our production is growing more eco-friendly. All our products are never exposed to allergic materials or non-eco friendly materials. Our manufacturer is a certified for Eco-Friendly producer.

We always reuse or recycle all material, paper and plastic that is involved with our products and daily work. We also collect all reclaimed pieces to reuse in future collection together with our manufacturer.

I am very sensitive and allegric, Can I use IOAKU products?

Yes, you can buy IOAKU for yourself or as a gift and be calm. All IOAKU products are nickel, lead and cadmium free. IOAKU is very popular for those who suffer from allergies and is highly praised for this. Althought if you experiance any kind of reaction against our products, Please feel free to contact us as soon as you can to get your product tested or replaced.

Which materials are IOAKU products made off?

All our products are made in alloy or stainless steal, layered five times of real metal plating for optimum durability.

I want to become a part of the IOAKU Family and sell your products, Who should I contact?

Amazing, we cannot wait to hear from you. Please contact us at and we help you get in touch with the right person and handle your inquiry.

IOAKU Retailer World Map

Please find a complete map and list of IOAKU official retailers under our STORES section. Find the closest retailer to you by using the search option.

I wish to do a return, How does it work?

Returns must be sent back within 14 days from the date that the product was purchased. Returned items will only be accepted if they are in equal condition to when they were shipped. Shipping costs for returned items are at the buyer’s expense. Returned packages that are lost in transportation will not be compensated for. The refund will be paid back in full excluding the initial shipping cost. The process and the refund the money will be transferred to the buyer’s payment card can take up to 14 business days from the date IOAKU AB receives the returned package.

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