IOAKU Wall of fame

IOAKU | M magasin Nr 11

Moon necklace in M magasin Nr 11

IOAKU | M Magasin

Moon earrings in M Magasin

IOAKU | Amelia Nr 12

Eternity Loops in Amelia magazine nr 12

IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag

Our luxury pearl earrings in Aftonbladet Söndag

IOAKU – Janice

Singer Janice in our Kai Ring | Zen ring and Legacy ring

IOAKU – Lina Hedlund

Artist Lina Hedlund in our Eternity Sparkle Loops

IOAKU – Peg Parnevik

Lovely Peg Parnevik in our Identity Necklace and La Fleur Ring

IOAKU | M Magasin

Moon Cuff in M Magasin

IOAKU | Andrea Källström (lennixx)

Artist Andrea Källström in our Berry Splash Earrings

IOAKU | M Magasin

Galaxy Earrings, Zen ring and Legacy Ring in M Magasin


Singer Lauren in our Swarovski Ring

IOAKU | Peg Parnevik

Peg Parnevik in our Idenity identi P

IOAKU Berry Loops | Amelia Nr 8 2019

Our Best selling Berry Loops in Amelia Magazine

IOAKU | Petra Marklund

Singer Petra Marklund looks stunning in our Berry Splash Earrings

IOAKU | Allas Nr 25 2019

Insect Stud in Allas Magazine

IOAKU | Tara 2019

Velvet Cuff  in Tara Magazine

IOAKU | Jill Johnsson

Singer Jill Johnsson in our lovely Eternity Loops

IOAKU | Amelia Nr 10 2019

Summer Statement Necklace | Mountain Necklace

IOAKU | Hanna Ferm – Sommarkrysset 2019

Singer Hanna Ferm in our lovely Identity Necklace

StarStudio – Pressvisningen 2019

Susanne Nordström visade IOAKU´s fantastiska Identity Necklace på StarStudios pressvisning 2019.

IOAKU-Sofia Dalén

Programledaren Sofia Dalén i IOAKU´s Berry lopps

IOAKU – Sofia Dalén

Programledaren Sofia Dalén i IOAKU´s fantastiska Berry Loops

IOAKU – Martina Axtelius

Stylist Martina Axtelius with IOAKU´s Moon Cuff.

IOAKU – Janice

Janice in our lovely Identity Necklace

IOAKU- Älskade Östermalm Nr 3

Insect Cuff in magazine Älskade Östermalm

IOAKU- Plaza Kvinna Nr 5
IOAKU | Idol Kadiatou 2018

IOAKU´S Legacy Ring

IOAKU | Premium Magazine Nr 4

IOKAU´s Dove Earrings

IOAKU | Starstudio pressdag 2018

Annika Englund, shows IOAKU´S Identity Necklace

IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag Nr 42

IOAKU`s Lovely Dove Necklace

IOAKU | David Lindgren Melodifestivalen 2018

IOKAU Brooches, during Melodifestivalen 2018

IOAKU | Linnéa Henriksson Så Mycket Bättre Del 7 2018

Linnéa Henriksson in IOAKU´S Kai and Zen Ring

IOAKU Moon Necklace | Kenza och Dani
IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag Nr 2 2019

IOAKU Moon Ring

IOAKU Beetle | Sabina C. Ddumba
IOAKU Paris Sunnies

Lovely Sunnies from IOAKU

IOAKU Insect Ring | LaGaylia Frazier – Talang 2018
IOAKU Berry Loop – StarStudio Pressdag 2018 Annica Englund
IOAKU Legacy Ring | Idol 208 Nathalie
IOAKU | Zara Larsson Bad Boys Music Video
IOAKU | Damernas Värld Nr 10 2018

IOAKU Beetle

IOAKU | Elle Sverige

IOAKU`S Berry Loop in Elle Sweden Magazine

IOAKU Meteor Ring | Idol Kadiatou 2018
IOAKU – Paul Edwards

IOAKU´s Galaxy Earrings, by Fotograph Paul Edwards

IOAKU | VeckoRevyn Nr 1

IOAKU Meteor Ring

IOAKU LA Fleur| Svensk Damtidning nr 50
Campaign for CAIA COSMETIC

Our Identity Necklace on the lovely Bianca Ingrosso

Talang 2019

IOAKU Insect Ring on La Gaylia Frazier

Lifestyle Women Magasin

IOAKU´s Berry Cuff is choosen by Lifestyle Womens editors.

Damernas Värld

IOAKU´s Berry Loop Mini, in swedish magazine Damarnas Värld

Bianca Ingrosso

Bianca Ingrosso is wearing IOAKU Globe New Necklace

What is IOAKU’s values and intention for it’s customers?

IOAKU wants to develop and create a look for dynamic people who want to achieve a complete self-esteem, assertiveness and a supernatural fashionable charisma. It is a feminine and graceful, yet with very modern shapes that creates a strong individual look that is recognizable as powerful, adorable and desirable.

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