IOAKU Wall of fame

IOAKU | Amelia Nr 14

Our ZEN ring in Swedish Magazine Amelia

IOAKU | Seinabo Sey

The lovely Swedish Singer  Seinabo Sey perfomrs in our Berry Loops

IOAKU | Malin Gramer

Fabulous Malin Gramer in our Legacy earrings

IOAKU | Paul Edwards

Our fantastic rings were photographed by Paul Edwards

IOAKU | Christine Meltzer

Christine Meltzer in our Legacy ring


Wonderful Sofia Wistam in our Berry Loops

IOAKU | M magasin Nr 11

Moon necklace in M magasin Nr 11

IOAKU | M Magasin

Moon earrings in M Magasin

IOAKU | Amelia Nr 12

Eternity Loops in Amelia magazine nr 12

IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag

Our luxury pearl earrings in Aftonbladet Söndag

IOAKU – Janice

Singer Janice in our Kai Ring | Zen ring and Legacy ring

IOAKU – Lina Hedlund

Artist Lina Hedlund in our Eternity Sparkle Loops

IOAKU – Peg Parnevik

Lovely Peg Parnevik in our Identity Necklace and La Fleur Ring

IOAKU | M Magasin

Moon Cuff in M Magasin

IOAKU | Andrea Källström (lennixx)

Artist Andrea Källström in our Berry Splash Earrings

IOAKU | M Magasin

Galaxy Earrings, Zen ring and Legacy Ring in M Magasin


Singer Lauren in our Swarovski Ring

IOAKU | Peg Parnevik

Peg Parnevik in our Idenity identi P

IOAKU Berry Loops | Amelia Nr 8 2019

Our Best selling Berry Loops in Amelia Magazine

IOAKU | Petra Marklund

Singer Petra Marklund looks stunning in our Berry Splash Earrings

IOAKU | Allas Nr 25 2019

Insect Stud in Allas Magazine

IOAKU | Tara 2019

Velvet Cuff  in Tara Magazine

IOAKU | Jill Johnsson

Singer Jill Johnsson in our lovely Eternity Loops

IOAKU | Amelia Nr 10 2019

Summer Statement Necklace | Mountain Necklace

IOAKU | Hanna Ferm – Sommarkrysset 2019

Singer Hanna Ferm in our lovely Identity Necklace

StarStudio – Pressvisningen 2019

Susanne Nordström visade IOAKU´s fantastiska Identity Necklace på StarStudios pressvisning 2019.

IOAKU-Sofia Dalén

Programledaren Sofia Dalén i IOAKU´s Berry lopps

IOAKU – Sofia Dalén

Programledaren Sofia Dalén i IOAKU´s fantastiska Berry Loops

IOAKU – Martina Axtelius

Stylist Martina Axtelius with IOAKU´s Moon Cuff.

IOAKU – Janice

Janice in our lovely Identity Necklace

IOAKU- Älskade Östermalm Nr 3

Insect Cuff in magazine Älskade Östermalm

IOAKU- Plaza Kvinna Nr 5
IOAKU | Idol Kadiatou 2018

IOAKU´S Legacy Ring

IOAKU | Premium Magazine Nr 4

IOKAU´s Dove Earrings

IOAKU | Starstudio pressdag 2018

Annika Englund, shows IOAKU´S Identity Necklace

IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag Nr 42

IOAKU`s Lovely Dove Necklace

IOAKU | David Lindgren Melodifestivalen 2018

IOKAU Brooches, during Melodifestivalen 2018

IOAKU | Linnéa Henriksson Så Mycket Bättre Del 7 2018

Linnéa Henriksson in IOAKU´S Kai and Zen Ring

IOAKU Moon Necklace | Kenza och Dani
IOAKU | Aftonbladet Söndag Nr 2 2019

IOAKU Moon Ring

IOAKU Beetle | Sabina C. Ddumba
IOAKU Paris Sunnies

Lovely Sunnies from IOAKU

IOAKU Insect Ring | LaGaylia Frazier – Talang 2018
IOAKU Berry Loop – StarStudio Pressdag 2018 Annica Englund
IOAKU Legacy Ring | Idol 208 Nathalie
IOAKU | Zara Larsson Bad Boys Music Video
IOAKU | Damernas Värld Nr 10 2018

IOAKU Beetle

IOAKU | Elle Sverige

IOAKU`S Berry Loop in Elle Sweden Magazine

IOAKU Meteor Ring | Idol Kadiatou 2018
IOAKU – Paul Edwards

IOAKU´s Galaxy Earrings, by Fotograph Paul Edwards

IOAKU | VeckoRevyn Nr 1

IOAKU Meteor Ring

IOAKU LA Fleur| Svensk Damtidning nr 50
Campaign for CAIA COSMETIC

Our Identity Necklace on the lovely Bianca Ingrosso

Talang 2019

IOAKU Insect Ring on La Gaylia Frazier

Lifestyle Women Magasin

IOAKU´s Berry Cuff is choosen by Lifestyle Womens editors.

Damernas Värld

IOAKU´s Berry Loop Mini, in swedish magazine Damarnas Värld

Bianca Ingrosso

Bianca Ingrosso is wearing IOAKU Globe New Necklace

IOAKU-Sofia Dalén

Programledaren Sofia Dalén i IOAKU´s Berry lopps

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