Identity Letter "F" - silver

THIS LETTER "F" SILVER IS OUT OF STOCK AND WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN AFTER 20/10-2018. PREORDER TO SECURE YOUR LETTER! Your name is your label. It gives you a unique sense of identity, even if there will be other people with the same name around you, it is something that you can always call YOURS. A person’s name establishes the beginning of your reputation. Names can also determine unique aspects in matters of love, professional life, and health. It is like your name was meant to be yours! Made in environmental friendly and healthy material. Stainless steel with zircon crystals. Layers of real 18k gold or silver metal with  PVD plating for optimum durability. Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free. Letter Design: 2,8 x 4cm. Length: 45cm with extension of 6cm. Comes with an exclusive IOAKU jewelry box.

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52,00 $